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10 Aug

Sustainability is a luxury.

My heart is green. Our house in the Netherlands is covered with solar panels to create electricity and hot water. We own wind shares in two different wind mills. Back home, we would separate garbage in five different trash cans. Buy in bulk to reduce waste. Drive a car on green gas. Use cloth in stead of paper kitchen towels.

Until my husband left for Israel. And I was in charge of our five little ones and everything else. I was tired. I was sad. I was not green. Not green at all.

In Jerusalem, waste is everywhere. The disposables industry flourishes by the mitzvah not to work on Shabbat and thus not to do dishes. Plastic plates and cutlery are everywhere. I feel like a true green hero for throwing my trash in a trash can in stead of on the ground somewhere. I even gather littered items wherever I go, to throw them in a container somewhere.

But energy to really make the difference is lacking me. I find it extremely hard to keep up with sustainability when the world seems to be crumbling down. When people fight each other to death and my children and I are seeking shelter in our bathroom against incoming rockets.

And so, I needed to find some new inspiration.

Clil was the answer. This little gem has it all when one is in serious need of some green inspiration. When our hearts and souls need some refuge from news about boys, little older than our own oldest son, getting killed while we do not understand for what.

In Clil, people live off the electricity grid. There’s a cafe, there’s a slow pace, there’s sustainability and there’s Among Carob and Olives.

We stayed at a Yurt. However, the kids would have loved to sleep in the ecological pool. We picked Verveine, olive leaves, lavender and carob to make tea. We picked Pomegranates to suck the bittersweet juices out of. We had breakfast and than breakfast again at the Hippie Cafe Clil. We bought sourdough bread at the local bakery.

And for a moment we had peace. We understood the bangs of fireworks for what it was. We did not fear a fast motor cycle in the distance was actually the start of a rocket alarm.

We ate in the vegetarian restaurant and drank the locally brewed Malka Beer that we had tasted in Jerusalem. We slept in a tent and hardly showered. And we were happier than we had been in a long, long time.

And green.

Sustainability is a luxury. And in Clil, it is heaven, too.