The Admiral and I met in 1998, moved in together in 2000 and got married in 2002. We really started liking those even years and our first baby was born in 2004. A week after his birth I happily exclaimed I’d love to have five children. And now we do!

In 2012 our financial situation changed tremendously and we were forced to change a lot of things. From Parisian Princess to Prussian Pauper.

We try to use Positive Discipline and attachment parenting principles while, er, well getting our children dressed and fed almost every day 😉

These are our troopers:

2004: Soldier

2006: Princess

2008: Astronaut

2010: Singer

2012: Thinker

We are very Happy2Parent, and I love sharing our frugal, ecofabulous, healthy lifestyle with you!


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